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Joomla Management
Joomla is a great tool to create a website. It is used from business owners who wish to create their own website by themselves or by freelancers and web agencies to develop a website for their clients.

We have used it since 2011 to create approximately 500 websites and at one point we decided to become the main hub for Joomla's website, offering an all-in-one solution for who has a website with Joomla. In other words, rather than just creating a website, we are offering a full platform designed for Joomla consisting of web hosting, web management and Joomla's optimisation.

Since version 1.5 our team has seen many problems related with the numerous extensions and templates within the Joomla's world.

From Joomla's version 1.5 to 2.5 to 3.5 we have encountered different type of situations such as:
  • installation problems
  • upgrades that breaks template or extensions
  • hacked extensions
  • spam issues
  • blank pages
  • general css, javascript or php problems

These are just a few points out of the many situations we have encountered over the years.

We are glad Joomla has grown into a more stable and mature CMS with so many great features and a good MVC programming structure.

Another fact that increased Joomla's popularity was the introduction of a few great page builders that made content easy to manage and update.

What we offer

We offer one all inclusive package for Joomla that includes the following services:

  • Web hosting specifically designed for Joomla from our partner Rochen, the official Joomla's hosting space;
  • Web management tailored to your needs;
  • Support for any Joomla's issue you might have.


Depending on what you need we will create a custom package with detailed services. We display default prices that might be different for your specific needs. Write us using the form below and we will let you know our offer, thanks.


Web hosting
  • Joomla's installation and configuration and support
Prices starting from 87$ / year


Hosting and web management
  • Hosting
  • Core updates
  • Extension updates
  • Template updates
Prices start from 320 $ / year


Hosting Web Management Technical SEO
  • Hosting
  • Core updates
  • Extensions updates
  • Template updates
  • Monthly SEO
Prices starting from 680 $ / year

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